//LoL EUW Account 20-29 Champs Level 30+

LoL EUW Account 20-29 Champs Level 30+

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LoL account EUW
Level 30
20-29 Champs
Server EUW (Europe West)
BE 1402
RP 419

Out of stock


LoL account EUW
Level 30
20-29 Champs
Server EUW (Europe West)
BE 1402
RP 419



Champion Purchase Date First Used
Amumu 2015-08-11 2015-08-11
Annie 2015-08-10 2015-08-10
Ashe 2015-08-09 2015-08-11
Blitzcrank 2016-05-07 2016-05-08
Evelynn 2016-06-05 2016-06-09
Garen 2015-08-11 2015-08-11
Heimerdinger 2015-09-08 2015-09-08
Jax 2015-12-06 2015-12-06
Kayle 2015-11-08 – Never –
Master Yi 2015-09-21 2015-10-15
Morgana 2015-10-19 2015-10-24
Poppy 2015-09-14 2015-09-14
Rek’Sai 2016-06-12 – Never –
Renekton 2015-12-06 – Never –
Ryze 2015-09-14 – Never –
Singed 2015-10-19 2016-04-09
Sion 2016-04-14 – Never –
Sivir 2015-08-16 2015-08-16
Sona 2016-06-12 2017-10-07
Soraka 2015-11-08 2016-01-24
Tristana 2015-08-09 2015-08-09
Tryndamere 2016-04-25 2016-04-29
Veigar 2015-10-19 2015-10-19
Warwick 2015-09-08 2015-10-15
Xin Zhao 2016-04-22 2016-04-25


Champion Skin Name Purchase Date First Used Rare
Kayle Riot Kayle 2016-09-15 – Never – No
Master Yi Assassin Master Yi 2016-06-02 2016-06-02 No
Morgana Sinful Succulence Morgana 2016-06-02 2016-07-08 No
Poppy Noxus Poppy 2015-12-19 2015-12-27 No
Sivir Warrior Princess Sivir 2016-06-04 2016-06-04 No
Sona Muse Sona 2016-06-12 2017-10-07 No
Veigar Bad Santa Veigar 2016-06-02 2016-08-16 No
Warwick Feral Warwick 2016-06-09 2016-06-09 No



(You WILL be able to change the email and password yourself. All info for the account and instructions on how to change the email and password will be sent to you at the time of purchase. The account will be yours and no one will have access to it except for you!)


INSTANT DELIVERY! (upon paying with Paypal)
LoL account will be instantly delivered to your email address as soon as your payment is sent. Automated systems is designed to make this possible 24/7.


(If the Account gets banned for something that was out of your control and the ban was caused by something on our end. We would offer a new replacement account or give a refund for the original cost of the account.)


Unranked – The account is unranked for the current season


Random Rune pages


All of our accounts come with enough champions to go straight into ranked play!!


Fantasy Summoner Name, a realistic name (Not like 212312312231)
Names like ( PsionicDoom, EvilPack, AngelicCurse, Zaxagork….)


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What is LoL?

LoL is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes. With an ever-expanding roster of champions, frequent updates and a thriving tournament scene, LoL offers endless re-playability for players of every skill level.